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Aged and Disability Advocacy Australia (ADA Australia)


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ADA Australia


Advocacy is the process of supporting an individual so that their voice is heard. An ADA Australia advocate is someone who is by your side, working with you, to give you a louder voice. Our advocates are available to provide individual and confidential support to help you work through an identified issue. ADA Australia provides free, confidential and client directed advocacy services to older people and people with disability in Queensland.

Support Provider Services

At ADA Australia our general advocacy services may be able to assist you to:

  • Understand your rights and responsibilities
  • Raise and address care related concerns
  • Communicate your preferences
  • Understand your service agreement, fees, statements and budgets
  • Review and negotiate your care plan
  • Research care and equipment options; and
  • Make referrals for assessments and additional services.

We may also be able to assist you to explore available care options by;

  • Making and following up on referrals
  • Supporting you at assessments
  • Identifying local home care providers and aged care facilities
  • Explaining financial assessments and fees.

Please note that we cannot recommend which home care provider or aged care facility you should choose, or provide financial or legal advice.