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Breaking Down The Barriers

Carer Support, Emergency Assistance, Family Support

Company Details

Breaking down the barriers for Rural and regional patients in city hospitals - Brisbane

Adopting rural families to assist support them through difficult times, while caring for a loved one in a city hospital.

Patient courtesy services - free

Arriving in Brisbane e by plane or rain can be overwhelming, add to it not knowing anything about the public transport service and or limited in time, can be a very expensive trip to hospital

Toiletries, clothing and other items - free

Sometimes an appointment turns into unexpected admission, others are transported urgently with no time to pack.  We have shampoo & conditioner, deodorant, bodywash, moisturise, tissues and much more

Home cooked meals - free

Busy with appointments, staying at accommodation or staying with child on ward, these meals are just one lessthing for you to worry about.