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Gin Gin Neighbourhood Centre

Neighbourhood Centres

Key Details

Company Details

The Gin Gin Neighbourhood Centre

Our vision

To be recognised as a central hub within the Gin Gin district
To provide support for staff, volunteers and the local community

To optimise partnerships, community involvement and access

Our Mission

Empower the community to reach their goals
Provide support, information and services in a caring and friendly environment across the Gin Gin District

Fundamental values

Equity and acceptance of differences
Compassion for diverse needs
Equal opportunity in a safe and listening environment
Consistency, fairness and reliability


  • The Gin Gin Neighbourhood Centre is a hub where various community groups are able to meet and participate. Visiting service providers also use the centre as a place to deliver their services
  • To provide quality, relevant and current information, referral and guidance
  • To assist communities in discovering better links between the range of existing community and Government services
  • To provide quality, consistent support for community members within the Gin Gin region and to provide and promote strong family and community relationships
  • To provide services to people regardless of cultural, social, religious or economic background

A NEC Broadband for Seniors Kiosk, funded by the Federal Government, is now open at the Gin Gin Neighbourhood Centre.

The kiosk features computers with broadband access for use by members of our local community who are 50 and over.

If you know anyone who is 50 and over who may like to use the Kiosk, please be sure to pass this information on. Bookings are recommended and can be made by phoning the centre on 4130 4630.