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Siblings Australia Inc

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Key Details

Company Details

Are you the sibling of an adult or child with disability/chronic illness? Do you work in the allied health, education or disability sector and meet siblings of people with disability?

If you answered yes, then Siblings Australia is your go-to for programs and supports for siblings of people with disabilities/chronic illness. The sibling relationship can be one of life’s longest and supporting that relationship is at the core of what Siblings Australia do. They help to maximise the well-being of siblings and build their capacity to navigate life’s journey as the sibling of a person with disability.

Support Provider Services

 Programs and supports include:

For sibling children aged 4 - 12 years:

Alex and Arlo: A Sibling Story, was written to help young sibling children (aged 4-7 years) feel less alone in their experiences, and to provide reassurance that there are others out there who understand how they feel. ‘Alex and Arlo’ takes readers through the various experiences Alex faces as a sibling to her younger brother Arlo, who has a disability. Parents/Caregivers are encouraged to read the story with a sibling child, and to also take the time to reflect together on Alex’s experiences and the coping strategies she uses.

KidSibs: Siblings Australia know how important it is to start conversations and supports for young siblings (aged between 5 and 12 years) early. That's why they've developed their KidSib website, purely focused on providing young siblings with the tools and resources to help them navigate their sibling journey. A combination of fun games, entertaining video’s and of course helpful information and resources, SibKids is designed for sibling children.

SibWorks: A peer support program for siblings aged 8-12. Facilitated by professionals in the health, education, disability or community services sectors whose work brings them into contact with siblings of children with disability. The program is designed to support siblings by building their emotional wellbeing and resilience, and connecting with others who share the same experience. Upon completion of the course, children who take part will:
· understand more about disability and functional challenge
· feel less alone
· know new ways to deal with tricky feelings
· have practiced coping skills they can use in their lives
· feel more positive about themselves as siblings

Teen siblings aged from 12 years up to 18 years:

TeenSibs: National online and in-person (currently for Adelaide based teens) peer groups provide an opportunity for teens aged from 12 years up to 18 years to connect with other teens who understand the sibling experience. The online and in-person peer groups provide an opportunity for TeenSibs to connect and exchange experiences in a fun and safe environment. Recognising that sometimes, no one understands a sib like another sib, TeenSib is a great opportunity to connect with people who understand the sibling experience better than anyone.

Adults aged 18+

SibWise: Designed for parents, health care workers, educators or disability professionals who care for, support or come into contact with siblings of children with disability. This learning program will assist people to better understand and respond to sibling needs and challenges.

SibConnect: National, state based, peer support groups that provide an opportunity for siblings to connect in person, and exchange experiences and provide mutual support, whether that be over a coffee or game of bowling. Recognising that, sometimes, ‘no-one understands a sib like another sib’. This program provides opportunities for siblings to connect with others who understand the sibling experience better than anyone.

SibChat: An online private chat group (hosted on Facebook) exclusively for adult siblings to find support and connect with others who understand the sibling experience. Provides an opportunity for siblings to connect online in a moderated forum and exchange experiences and provide mutual support.

SibPlan: Built from the sibling perspective, the SibPlan website provides tools and resources for adult siblings who are future planning with their brother or sister with disability/chronic illness. With a focus on supportive decision making and preserving natural relationships, SibPlan is for all stages of the sibling journey and provides adult siblings with guidance on services and supports they can access at transitional junctures as the supports for their brother or sister change or grow. While Siblings Australia is focused on maintaining the natural relationship between siblings, they are aware that for adult siblings, changes in circumstances can lead to new challenges and they want to be able to support this transition as best they can.