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Bundaberg Play Therapy

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Play Therapy is a form of counselling where the child is able to show their experiences and trauma through play. They lead the therapy process through play with the therapist being there to provide a nurturing environment for the child to feel safe to "talk" (through play) about what is happening for them. The therapist is able to reflect back to the client and observe behaviours and then make meaning for the child so that they can move forward from their trauma and find ways to better deal with future situations. This is appropriate for children as they do not need to be able to articulate what is happening and they are not questions or told what to do. They take control over their situation.

Services Provided

Play therapy for children aged 2-12.
Can occur in the office or at an agreed upon location.
45 minute sessions.
Initial parent interview and then follow up parent sessions every 4-6 weeks.