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Non-Registered Provider

Maple Plan

Key Details

Company Details

Who are we?


Maple plan is headquartered in Melbourne and provides ethical, participant focused plan management to participants in several states.  We do not advertise and have grown organically by referral from participants and service providers.


What do we do?


Our goal is to create a simple method for Participants, to make a claim whether they choose to use a registered or non-registered provider. Our role is to take the headache away with proper planning and understanding of how an NDIS plan is funded. We have a dedicated team of Plan Managers who are experts in navigating within and around NDIS plans and we are here to help.


How are we different?


Maple Plan’s unique concept is that we look after both the Participant and the Provider. We understand that Providers are the backbone of the Participant’s service needs, therefore, making sure invoices are paid is our priority.


We also provide our participants with capacity building information about what can and may not be funded in their plan.  Our Plan Managers are available to communicate with and assist participants, and not just process invoices.  We work closely with LACs, ECEICs, Support Coordinators and Service Providers to ensure our participants can utilise their funds as intended and as needed.

Services Provided

  • Plan Management
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Support Categories

  • Improved Life Choices
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