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NDIS Registered Provider

Peak Plan Management

Company Details

  • We are an independent Plan Manager run by an accounting firm with in excess of 2,000 participants. 
  • We generally pay within 5 business days of receipt of invoices and automatically send remittance emails to service providers advising that payments have been made. 
  • We send monthly statements to participants, support coordinators, or both (with permission from the participant).
  • We have an app for both iPhones and Android devices so that the participant and the support coordinator (with permission from the participant) can view their status and NDIS budget expenditure in real time. 
  • We have local representatives in Townsville, Cairns, New South Wales, Tasmania, Melbourne and Ballarat. I am located in Townsville and happy to assist participants throughout South East Queensland.

Services Provided

  • Plan Management
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Support Categories

  • Improved Life Choices
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