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“Through the process, I was in control. The LACs stressed that every time they spoke to me. Even now, I feel like I’m in control. It’s good to know I can get what I need, not being told when my therapies are, or where I’m going. In the past, that’s how it’s been. As I see it, the NDIS is the only way to go.”

Giovanni, NDIS participant


“I haven’t had a support worker in for my son in a long time, and now I’m seriously considering the idea. I don’t mind the thought of employing someone, on my terms. The freedom and choice under NDIS is phenomenal.”

Uldis, carer


“To people needing to get in touch, I’d say there’s nothing to be afraid of. Everything has been helpful and positive. You’ve got nothing to lose, only to gain.”

Larissa, carer and mother


“After what we saw on TV and negative media, we were a little stressed, to say the least as to what to expect, but the planning conversation was the absolute opposite; she couldn’t bend over backwards enough to help us. Any of the questions we were uncertain on, she clarified for us and gave us options. By the time she left, we felt extremely comfortable.”

Greg, husband and carer of a participant, following the first planning conversation


“The service [is] exemplary, professional, courteous, warm and endearing… and informative.”

Anne, mother and carer of a participant, following first planning conversation


“I’ve been pretty sceptical [of NDIS]… but I’m not so sceptical now. Me and my son were respected and really listened to throughout the conversation. It was very thorough.”

Catherine, mother and carer of a participant


“The process [of joining NDIS] is good, very simple. I’ve got a much better understanding now. I was very lost…it all seemed too much. But they said to just come in and get it taken care of, so I did. I feel very supported.”

Kelly, mother and carer of participants

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