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NDIS: the perfect Christmas gift

The perfect Christmas gift for Barry Lord

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas for Barry Lord, as he receives his first major supports from the NDIS.

Living in Bundaberg with his wife Doris, Mr Lord's activities are set to pick up in the New Year thanks to his new plan.

His biggest Christmas present this year is the new vehicle hoist, which allows him to move his electric wheelchair safely. This allows him to travel and experience life in the community, despite his spinal injury.

Mr Lord said he came into his first conversation with his NDIS Local Area Coordinator not knowing what to expect. "Daniel was very good, very relaxed. He would explain everything, and if we didn't understand he would go back over it again," he said.

"(NDIS) is going to support me in getting out into the community more than anything, and let me communicate with people at the same level. At the moment, I can't do that; I can't go out, and I have to stay home. Unless I'm in the car, we don't go out.

"But this plan gives me the ability to get out there to see people, speak to people and also I can now get some further treatment for my injuries."

On 20 December approval of his new hoist, funded through the Assistive Technology category of his plan, was provided.

"The old one is falling to bits. I've already had the wheelchair fall off the ramp once this year. That won't ever happen again," he said.

Mr Lord will now enjoy a quiet Christmas with his wife. To celebrate the festive season, the couple have taken to the shed to carve out and paint a little Santa Claus for the front yard.

Mr Lord said he was optimistic about the NDIS and surprised by the speed of service.

"It's been a very short time - amazingly short. With the amount of people involved with it, it was bound to take a very long time, five months, possibly longer. So this to me is absolutely amazing," he said.

"It's definitely worthwhile having a go and speaking to somebody about the NDIS. The people are very easy to approach at the IWC, very easy, but you've got to make that first initial contact. For some people that can be difficult."

The IWC reopens on January 2, and hosts support sessions for NDIS participants throughout the week, as well as general enquiry sessions held every Monday and Friday.

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IWC's major focus is to improve and support Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, and the vulnerable and disadvantaged people across the Bundaberg and Wide Bay / Burnett.

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It’s good to know I can get what I need, not being told when my therapies are, or where I’m going. In the past, that’s how it’s been. As I see it, the NDIS is the only way to go.

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